Heavenly skincare, Down to earth prices

Moisture Magic Lotion:
Our thick extra moisturizing lotion is made of the finest ingredients to nourish your skin and eliminate dryness, all with a "heavenly" scent. Long lasting, you won't have to reapply constantly to enjoy it's
natural benefits, yet it doesn't leave a greasy or thick film on your skin. Our heavenly lotion can be scented with any of our fragrance or essential oils as well as in a strength that most benefits you.

Mystical Massage Oil:
Our massage oil is truly a mystical experience! Made with the finest ingredients, it showers your skin
with vitamin E, jojoba oil, soy oil and apricot oil to ease your tired aching muscles. This special blend
does not leave any greasy residue on your skin, Mystical Massage Oil sinks right into your skin leaving it silky smooth.

Sublime Shower Gel:
The name says it all! A divine medley that provides a thick base undaunted by the fragrance oil! Thick,
sudsy lather that rinses off clean, leaving your skin moisturized and smelling great without having to 
use half the bottle to get clean.

Blissful Botanical Mist:
Mist on this wonderful body spray, either after your morning shower or your daily workout. Light enough
to spray on anywhere but the scent doesn't just disappear! Pamper yourself on a hot humid day with a
quick spray of bliss! Can also be sprayed on linens, etc.


Gift Set #1:
A joyous combination of our moisturizing lotion, shower gel and body spray! Treat yourself or a
loved one to a combination straight from the Heavens! This gift scent affords you not only three of
our divine fragrances but a discount as well!

Gift Set #2:
The whole kit n'kaboodle, this set spoils you with lotion, shower gel, bath gel as well as massage oil! Giving you a discount, it allows you to pamper yourself without costing you an arm and a leg!

Travel Sets:
Our travel sets are 4oz bottles of our gift sets. These handy sets are great for purses or bags, and you can order them in sets of two, three or four products.