Heavenly skincare, Down to earth prices

Beautiful Moonlight- Compare to (BBW Moonlight Path) This soft, exciting scent is sure to please

Calla Lily- Embrace the calming serene scent of the calla lily flower, not too strong or overwhelming

Coconut Lemongrass- Coconut with the crisp addition of lemongrass.

​Cucumber Melon- A favorite, the crisp cucumber scent combined with the pleasing aroma of melon offers you a bright cool fragrance.

Dragons Blood- A spicy scent great for men or women, the resin that creates this unusual fragrance is widely used around the world.

Fresh Cotton- The  clean smell of fresh cotton hanging from the line.

Green Apple- The brisk smell of green apple straight from the tree.

Honeysuckle – The sweet flowery scent of honeysuckle fills your senses with its pleasant aroma

Summer Blossoms (Compare to BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom)- The beautiful scent of cherry blossoms falling from the trees is yours in this luscious scent.

Jasmine- A sensual exotic scent, jasmine is a classic favorite.

Lavender​- - A classic fragrance, Lavender is a scent made to relax you mind and soul.

Lily of the Valley-  The bright, fresh scent of lily of the valley is an age old scent sure to please.

​Mountain Leaves- An invigorating fragrance for one who loves the smells of fresh outdoor air and trees.

Mulberry- Botanical heaven! Mulberry is a pleasing fruit scent that isn’t too overpowering.

Musk – A strong earthy scent, great for men or women and mixing with other scents to make a mix of your own.

Patchouli- A woody, earthy scent with touches of musk and spice. An oldie but a goody!

Pink Grapefruit- Sweet but tart scent of pink grapefruit is always a pleasant scent for spring.

Pearberry- A hint of pear, leaving a crisp bright smell of your favorite fruit.

Rainforest- Just after it rains smell; fresh, clean crisp, some use for nourishing the scalp and moisturizing.

Rose- The charming smell of roses is an age old aroma.

Sandalwood- A classic exotic scent, it’s a favorite of all! This earthy fragrances is at the top of it’s class!

Spearmint Eucalyptus- (Compare to BBW)- A crisp, soothing scent that not only nourishes your skin but your senses.